Prayers for Rain

Prayers for Rain

This month I was challenged by one of my art groups to paint “A prayer for rain” for Australia and the horrific wildfires and drought that have affected the animals (and people) there.

I went about painting two small watercolors that represented the Australian wildfires to me. Then, coincidentally, my birthday was a few days later and I saw that I could run a birthday donations for a charity drive. I would never normally do one of those drives, nor would I ask people for money (or anything, really) but after having painted the animal art I felt it was worth a try. It also helped that Facebook does not take any money out of the donations and that the recipient I chose was already overwhelmed and fighting to save the native animals of Australia and that is the zoo that Steve Irwin created, the Australia zoo’s Wildlife Warriors.

Above: “Bless the Rains: by Sandra Gale, watercolor on Arches cold press paper of a”mob” of kangaroo, hopping towards the rains, by Sandra Gale

My birthday was on January 27th 2020 and I would really appreciate it if you can, to donate twenty dollars or more. If not, maybe help in another way, like share the info so others may donate, or even create your own artwork and post it on my page. Also, you could follow my facebook page and maybe help in the future. I have another animal group I want to help sometime later in the year. But, for now, the donation drive is located on my facebook art page, which you can find here: Link

Above: “Frantic Flight” by Sandra Gale, watercolor on Arches cold press paper of an Australian Black Swan escaping a brush fire.

Thanks for reading my blog and hopefully helping out if you can.

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