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Hiya! My name is Sandra Taylor Gale and I’m a life-long lover of art! I use all traditional media to create my designs, like watercolors and color pencils primarily. In order to finance my creativity, I work freelance and sell my designs thru on-line sites, including CafePress, Zazzles & Red Bubble where you can find my original designs on T-shirts and other cool stuff. You can purchase my artwork as prints (EverIrisPrints) or on one of a kind fashions like leggings and on objects like clocks, shower curtains, bags and even jewelry. You can also commission me to draw/paint you your very own original artwork, tattoo, logo or portrait (pet or human) to give as a gift or keep for yourself. Below are some examples of my style of art and products I have for sale.

My hobbies, apart from art, are gardening, gaming, reading, my pets like my Betta fish and my boxer dog, tattoo design, wildlife conservation, and the ocean! I also love to collaborate/help other artists, I have a BA in art, an Elementary teaching cert. in NJ and I also occasionally teach group art classes to children in my town. You’re welcome to follow my art blog and get updates on my latest projects. Also, please join me in process discussions, painting supply suggestions and beginner watercolor painting tips at my official Facebook page. Thanks for your interest in my Art and for your support!:)

Sandra Taylor Gale/EverIris

For more information or contact info, see all my links and/or follow me at my official Facebook page. Thanks for viewing 🙂

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Please see my blogs and feel free to follow me!  Thanks for visiting!! ~ Sandra Taylor Gale/EverIris 

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and EverIris.com


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